Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone we find ourselves in the season of Advent as we prepare for Christmas and the coming of Christ. For me and maybe a few of you as well, the beginning of Advent is the indicator that it is okay to put up the tree and deck the halls with boughs of holly but the truth of the matter is that Advent is so much more than just decorating and preparing for Christmas. Advent is not just the few weeks before Christmas that we celebrate at church, it is not a time we can overlook and jump right into Christmas. Advent is so much more, it is a time of reflection and reconnect with the true meaning of Christmas. It is a reminder of the promise of Christ the savior and a time to humble our hearts to receive the gift of God in the form of a baby in the manger.

As a child, I remember celebrating Advent at church and being filled with excitement for the coming of Santa Claus because I knew his arrival came with gifts and lots of yummy food. Even in my teenage years, I looked forward to the season because I knew it meant time off from school and time with family. Now that I am an adult the joy of Christmas still remains but it is not because of any tangible gift I will receive but the ultimate gift that God gave us when He sent His son to earth. I know love and look forward to the season of Advent and Christmas because of what this time of year truly means. The gift that God gives us is far better than anything we can receive because this gift ensures that we are God’s chosen ones and that we can live with Him forever.

What is Advent and why is it important? Advent and the Christmas season is a time for us as Christians to remember the coming of Christ and to reflect on the importance of His birth. Advent is not just for remembering and celebrating the birth of Jesus but also a reminder of the promise that He will come again to bring us to our rightful place in eternity. Advent is the celebration of the began of Jesus’ story and our story of redemption. As we celebrate the first coming of Christ we should also be preparing our hearts for His second coming. This means taking the time to evaluate our conduct and aline our hearts with God’s heart. It means making the choice to draw closer to God instead of pushing Him further away. Showing kindness and grace in the busiest season of the year.