Born Again

The concept of being born again is just as difficult for our human brain to grasp as it was when Nicodemus talked to Jesus about it in John chapter 3. Nicodemus, who was a Jewish religious leader of his time (Pharisee), knew that there was something different about Jesus. He saw the miracles that Jesus was doing and knew that no one could do such things unless God was in them (John 3:2). Unlike many Pharisees at this time, Nicodemus acknowledged Jesus’ authority and believed that He was sent by God. Nicodemus wanted to learn from Jesus, so one night he approached Jesus with some questions. It seems that Nicodemus bit off more than he could chew when he approached Jesus. Jesus’ response to Nicodemus left him confused about the concept of being born again and with even more questions than before.

I think most of us can understand why Nicodemus was confused about being born again. Did Jesus mean we had to have another physical birth? How was an old man to be born again from his mother? (John 3:4) This was a completely new concept in the faith. Up until this time believers were instructed to keep the law that was given to Moses, in doing so they were connected to God. When Jesus came into the world that all began to change, and in Jesus’ death and resurrection we are introduced to a new kind of connection with God. God sent His son down to walk with us and to guide us through all the struggles we would face. Jesus was to be fully man and fully God. He was and still is the holy connector we needed. Jesus is also the first example of being born again. He was born of the Virgin Mary, this was His physical birth, but He also was born again in the water and spirit when he was baptized in the Jordan River.

Being born again means that you are being born from above. That you have made the choice to leave behind the ways of the world and be connected to God on a spiritual level. This birth is not physical but spiritual, we la