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Finding Me

Since the beginning of My Christian Walk, I have promised always to do my best to stay connected to God and only to write what I felt He was putting on my heart. Unfortunately, I believe I have fallen short of that promise over the past few months. Instead of taking time to think through each and every post I have been flying by the seat of my pants and throwing something together at the last minute. I could go off on a tangent about what I believe is the cause of this but I will save you the time. Instead, I will tell you my plan to fix this problem, I will be taking my own advice for once. First, I will be taking a look at things I can cut out in order to focus on what really matters. Second, I will be working on creating a better routine that involved spending more time reading and connecting with God on a daily basis.

I tell you all of this for two reasons. First, we all have problems in our lives, and if we choose to bottle them up and hide what is really going on we are not truly living in the community that God calls us to live in. We are to share in each other's burdens and encourage one another. Second, I am extremely human and fall short all the time, I want to be transparent with you about my struggles. I need your help and prayers to encourage me along my walk. I would love to do the same for you as well!

What does this mean for My Christian Walk? Over the next few months, there will probably be fewer posts as I attempt to balance my studies and writing. Please pray for me as I know that things are only going to be more hectic and busy as my husband and I plan to welcome our baby in August.

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