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Here's to the Class of 2020

COVID-19 seems to have ruined a lot this past year! Although 2020 started out as a normal year, when cases of COVID-19 began to appear in the US and other countries everything changed. These changes affected everyone from CEOs to janitors, infants to the elderly. In my opinion, one group that took a huge hit was the class of 2020. Many students that had dreamed their whole lives to walk across the stage to receive their diploma were told their celebration would not happen.

One of those students is a good friend of mine, named Campbell. Her whole life she dreamed of not only her graduation but also all of the senior activities that came with the final year of high school. Below she writes the story of her COVID senior year and how she learned to lean into God through it all.

I have grown up in a Christian home and went to a private Christian school my whole life. I had sat through twelve baccalaureate services dreaming of the day would get mine. I looked up at the senior class always wishing I could be them. I couldn’t wait to have my senior skip day, prom, and even graduation. Then all of a sudden, halfway through my senior year all those dreams were crushed. I was on a last-minute beach trip with my friends when we got the call that school would be closed for two weeks due to COVID-19. At first, we were so excited to get two extra weeks off from school to enjoy more free time. Slowly two weeks turned into four, then into the rest of the year was canceled, including in-person classes, baccalaureate, prom, and our senior trip. We were not even sure if we would have our graduation. The realization that our senior year had been taken away from us settled in. I had been at this school for thirteen years, grew up in it, and I did not get to finish it normally.

I think we all can say that we would never expect something like this to happen. The whole world was put on hold, everything was canceled, and sickness swarming through the world like a wildfire. on top of all the hurt and pain related to my senior year being canceled, there was more hurt and pain to come in the summer of 2020. My family lost my grandfather and my uncle within three days of each other. Through it all, God kept telling me to lean in, come closer to Him because He is my comfort in these times of pain. I struggled to find peace and comfort because I felt like my whole world was coming crashing down, yet God still showed up. One way he showed up this season was as the class of 2020 we were able to have a graduation service, although it looked a little different I was able to walk across the stage and get my diploma.

I learned that even though the hurting, God continued to show up for me every day in this season of grief and pain. God has taught me a lot in this season but one thing that stuck out to me is how faithful He is. No matter what I bring to the table He will continually show up and heal my hurting heart no matter how weak I am. God is faithful through it all.

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18

We would love to hear your story on how God showed up for you in your season of grief or pain. Share your story below in the comments, on the discussion page, or email it directly to us at

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