How To Live Under Government...

As I have stated before I am not a political person but I try to stay informed. One of the ways I do that is by reading The Pour Over Newsletter which is a Christian perspective on the news. This helps me to know what is going on without having the feeling to dread. For me, a lot of that dread comes from the decisions that people who are in office have made for our country and community. We choose the people who are in office but there was a time in my life when I didn’t care much about my right to vote or have my voice heard. With age, I have seen just how important that right is and how much of an impact my vote can have.

As you already know this week the midterm elections were held and there was a huge turnout. Many of us went to the polls to vote on governors, senators, and proposals that will make an impact on how things are done in our states. Without going into depth about individual candidates or issues, there were some major things on the ballots, some that I feel go against the teaching of the Bible.

Discloser: This post is not saying I know what is completely right or wrong and I am in no way trying to judge anyone for the decision they made at the polls.

The purpose of this post is to try to make sense of where we go from here based on the results of the elections. In order to do that I think it is wise to look at Biblical history where we can see that God is always in control no matter who is in office. Romans 13:1 says,