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More Than A Wife

Many of us have this feeling monthly, weekly, or even daily... I am more than ____. I am more than this singular word that is just to define me. We all have titles that describe our role as it related to others. We are friends, husbands/wives, fathers/mothers, teachers, managers, employees, owners, and the list goes on and on. With all of the titles we have for ourselves, the most important should always be Child of God.

Let me introduce you to my friend Raquel. She is a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a small business owner. She is a very busy lady that understands the importance of being a follower of God before all else.

My grandfather pulled the covers off me, acting as my alarm clock. It was early Sunday morning and time for church. As a middle schooler, I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed. But it was time to sing in the church choir with my siblings, and with my grandpa directing from the organ. We sang hymns in English, went to Sunday school, then sang hymns in Spanish. Yes, I prayed because it was part of the service but I was really there to sing because my grandfather (and parents) made me. This was my walk with God. I learned about Him through song. Any scriptures I knew weren't because I was reading my bible, it was because of the song lyrics.

It wasn't until college when I met Christopher, (who is now my husband), who at that time I called a "church boy" that my walk with God was redirected. He was completely the opposite of me at that time. I had fallen out of touch with God, singing, and going to church. I was getting into all the wrong things a college kid could get into. Chris was someone who I thought was the furthest from what I wanted, so different in personality, but God knew, he was EVERYTHING I needed. I started going to church again with Christopher. I slowly started back on my journey with the Lord. Something that had been established so many years before. God knew what He was doing when He introduced Chris and me. I'm thankful for every moment.

Chris and I dated and married! Since we met, it's been a steady growth of my faith and intimacy with Jesus! God's Word says those that are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish! I'm proof that's true! A steady 10 years of regularly attending church. Learning about and paying tithes. Connecting with like-minded Christians, I was sharpened and continued to become a person with Godly character. The prayer group I attended prayed for me when they found out I never spoke in tongues, and that life-changing night shaped my life! I'm going deeper into my personal relationship with God. My journey is exactly what God wants it to be. All praise to Him! With faith, I believed in children, one after the other, and here I am on number 4! With faith, I started a career in health and wellness-after teaching middle school music for 10 years. With faith, I've become more of a giver because I know God's word is true and He gives seed to the sower.

I get down on my knees every morning, even if it's for 3 minutes, to thank God for everything He has done. To acknowledge the fact that I am nothing and can do nothing without Him. I honestly think I am on the right path as long as I choose to put Him first, before anything else in my life.

I am working my way up to the top of my health and wellness company- all while being a full-time mom, full-time wife, part-time music teacher, and a worship singer at church. I'm building my "Jesus team" and hope to find like-minded women to lock arms with. Yeah, I'm bringing people vegan and gluten-free options for nutrition and skincare, but what's more important- I'm rising up in faith and duty to shine Christ's light on everyone I meet. Our light should not be hidden and our salt must not lose flavor. Let's wake up daily with purpose, posture, and plans to glorify God in everything we do! Please reach out if you want to connect with me!

Raquel Davis


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