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New Year… New You

Here we are again at the turn of a new year and we are faced with an important decision… who will we be 2022? When I think of the new year I think of a time to make changed and a time to set goals. It is a time to take a look at the past and make decisions about who we want to be in the future.

For believers, New Years is not the only time when we have the opportunity to start new. We don’t have to wait till a new year, month or week. When Jesus came down to earth and sacrificed is life to save us we were given a new life. When we accepted Christ as our savior we were made into a new creation. Because of both of those things we have the opportunity to be forgiven of our sins and start new everyday. Every morning we wake up to new mercies.

This New Years I challenge you to not only set health and fitness goals but also spiritually goals that will bring you closer to God in 2022. Examples of good spiritual goals:

  • Read the entire Bible in a year

  • Read the Bible as a family

  • Study a book in the Bible you have never read

  • Pray for 30 minutes a days

  • Pray as a family

  • Serve in the community with your church or another ministry

  • Listen to only Christian music during your commute

  • Share your faith with nonbelievers weekly

  • Control your temper and language

There are many more goals that we did not list above. Please share your New Years goals in the comments so that our community can support you on your journey.

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