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Prayer Journal

For many years, my prayer life was struggling. As a Christian who grew up in the church, I knew the Lord's Prayer (Our Father) was the structure for prayers but I didn't know how to use it efficiently. I wanted to have a journal where I could connect to God in my prayers on a deeper level. There are many prayer journals out on the market but I never found one that I really enjoyed using until this. Lucky for me, God brought a friend into my life that was able to introduce me to this DIY prayer journal format that she had been using. I fell in love with the simplicity in the layout and how easy it was to see God moving in my prayer from day to day.

Full format and template below

DIY Prayer Journal with date, praises and prayer requests
DIY Prayer Journal
Prayer Journal Template
Download DOCX • 298KB

There are many journals and books on the market that are designed to help guide you in your prayer life. I encourage you to find what works best for you! I have also used the Pray Journal from Paper Peony Press (Prayer Journal — PAPER PEONY PRESS).

Navy blue and Gold Paper Peony Press Prayer Journal

Please share any book, journals, or resources that you have found helpful in your prayer life in the comments below.

You can also share your prayer requests on the prayer request page!

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