The Feeling of Being Saved

Surprise it is Holy Week and Easter is only a few days away! If you are like me the days of lent kinda got past me and Easter came out of nowhere. I was much more prepared for this last year and if you when a My Christian Walk follower at this time last year you will remember I posted a daily breakdown of the events that happened during the last week of Jesus' life on earth. I spent a lot of time preparing and researching the events that led up to the resurrection of Jesus so that I could better understand Holy Week and Easter Sunday. It is a good thing I did because that post is exactly what I needed this year to get me on the right track for Easter. If you need a refresher course as I did please take a look at the Oh What A Week It Was, Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, and catch up with where we are in the week.

As I stated in the post last year, another great way I have found to understand the events of Jesus’ last 12 hours on earth is to watch The Passion of The Christ movie. I have watched this movie many times over the years and my husband and I have made it a tradition to watch this movie every Good Friday since we have been married. When watching this movie we normally pause and discuss or look up the biblical reference for parts of the movie. Giving us the opportunity to learn more each year and to grow closer to God. I do want to say that this movie is rated R and should come with a WARNING! I personally find this movie very hard to watch because it shows all of the pain Jesus experienced in His last few hours. It is heart-wrenching to watch but is also a humbling experience. You can also expect to be doing a lot of reading as the movie is completely in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew so there are many subtitles.