Three In One

In my experiences in Sunday school as a child and church services over the past few years, I had heard of the Trinity many times but it has always been on a base level. With this being one of the most important concepts in the Christian faith, I find it interesting that we are not studying this concept deeper. The Trinity teaches that our God is not just one in Himself but is actually three in one. He is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You may have discussed the Trinity in church but have you ever taken the time to think about what it means and how it is connected to you?

I believe it is pivotal to understand the Trinity in order to have the deep connection that God craves from us. So in my journey to build a stronger and deeper relationship with God, I have begun looking into each of the three parts of the Trinity. I want to better understand each part of the Trinity and what that connection means to me. Unfortunately, we can only understand a small portion of this concept since it is much more complex than our human imagination can take us. We are left only to attempt to grasp its complexities and use simple analogies to attempt to explain this concept. This shouldn’t stop us from attempting to deepen our knowledge or keep us from reaching the full grandeur of the Trinity.

For me, I have experienced God in the realm of a family, and from that, I base my understanding. For many others, they may not see God in this realm. There is no right way to connect to the Trinity and to God. If you connect to God differently, I encourage you to share that in the comments below. God is so vast that He has the ability to connect to each of us personally and directly. Each part of the Trinity is designed to connect us differently to a part of who God is. To me, God the Father takes directly from His name and is like a father in that He provides our daily needs, He is the creator of everything we had, have today, or will have. He grants us gifts that can be used professionally and personally as well as disciplines