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Transition Time

Almost a year ago, I introduced you to my good friend Campbell who was a 2020 high school graduate who was just setting out into the unknown. Like so many other 2020 graduates she felt robbed of her senior experiences but was hopeful for what the future would bring. After staying at home for her first year of college and taking online classes, her path led her to move away to a Christian college far from home to continue her education.

In my opinion, the transition to college is one of the most formative times of our lives. So much of who we become as an adult can be linked to our years in college. Because I believe this transition to be so important, I asked Campbell to write a summary of the changes and adjustments that she went through during her first semester away at school. I wanted her to share her experience because I think we can find a lot of common ground in her story. I remember the struggles I faced many years ago when I was the little fish in the big pond of my campus. I remember the struggle of trying to make friends, make it to class on time, study for my tests, and still make time for God. Many of the decisions and friends I made during that time have remained with me after all of these years. Unfortunately, I have seen many times that students forget their faith or put it on the back burner when they get to college. This opens up the door to drifting away from the faith. This allows for the devil the opportunity to sidetrack our God-given purpose.

Below is Campbell’s story of her translation and the struggles she faced during her first semester. I hope that you can find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your adjustment period whether it is moving to college, starting a new job, or moving away from family and friends. God is with you in the good and the bad, we just have to learn to lean into him for comfort and support.

There is a lot of change that comes with moving away to college. Some of the changes were

expected but some came as a surprise. Although some of my experiences are unique, many college students experience many of the same adjustments I have had to make over the past few months. I moved away to college this past August after being at home and taking online classes for my freshman year. I knew being in a new environment and taking in-person classes would be different and even hard, but I was not worried at all. The first few weeks were fine but then the anxiety started to set in and have its effect on me. I have struggled with anxiety ever since middle school and it is still something I am working on today. When I moved to college there was so much change like living with someone I just met, controlling my own schedule, going to classes sporadically, and much more. For me this change was a lot, I had never really shared a room before because I grew up with brothers, I also never lived with girls before, so this all was a big change. After my anxiety set in, I was worried I would never be okay with living there, but the Lord was faithful to me. I was able to quickly feel more comfortable at school and get adjusted well. I go to a Christian college, so I am surrounded by people who love the Lord, and it is such a blessing to be around people who uplift you. I did struggle with making friends, but I know that takes time. One way I would describe my first semester at this college is it definitely was a transition semester. I was trying to find my way around a college campus, I was figuring out living with girls, I was trying to find who I am at this place, all this with balancing my faith and growing in my faith. This semester for me was not easy at all, but now being able to step back and review the semester I saw how faithful the Lord was and how this upcoming semester there definitely needs to have some change but good change. I need to lean into the Lord more because I was so distracted on finding my way at college, I forgot to be in the Word as much as I should. College changes a lot in a person some for the good and some for the bad, but I know that no matter how I am feeling or what I am going through in college or in life that the Lord remains faithful to me and He will do the same for you.

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