What's Next

I have often wondered what the disciples were thinking and feeling from the time when Jesus was arrested to the time in which He ascended into heaven. Jesus' role during this time is of course way more important as it is what sets our faith apart from all of the others but how the disciples acted has always interested me. I think we can learn a lot from what they did during that time and put it into practice in our own lives.

We pick up the story in the upper room where the disciples are eating the Passover dinner with their friend and teacher. This would not be a normal traditional dinner, no not at all, this would be the last dinner that they would share with Jesus. This dinner would be filled with teachable moments and traditions that would be kept for years to come. At this point, Jesus knew what was to come for Him, He knew that Judas betray Him and Peter would deny Him. The disciples listened and heard what Jesus was telling them, they took the broken bread and drank the wine but I have always wondered if they truly understood the importance of that last meal with the Lord. After dinner, they made the journey to the Mount of Olives where Jesus asked the disciples to pray for Him that He might not give in to temptation but the disciples could not stay awake to pray and fell asleep. Jesus knew that His time was up and that He must suffer and die to cleanse us of our sins. All Jesus had asked of the disciples in that time was to pray for Him, He knew that nothing could be done to change the outcome so He simply asked for prayer. The time had come and Judas sealed the deal with a kiss indicating that Jesus was the one who should be arrested. We don’t know much about what happened to all of the disciples the moment Jesus was arrested. We know that many of them ran and that Peter tried to fight back and even cut off someone’s ear but other than that very little was known about the whereabouts of the disciples. Mark 14:50 says, “Then all His disciples deserted Him and ran away.” Did they run to warn others? To save themselves from being arrested? We are just not sure where they went at this time.

Throughout the story of Jesus' trial, conviction and crucifixion we don’t hear much about the whereabouts of the disciples. We know that Peter was in the courtyard watching the trial when he denied knowing Jesus three times and that James, Jesus’